Wood Recycling Factory

Establishment 1987

Wood recycling is of increasing importance, wood waste accounts for 10% of the waste deposited annually; wood waste is the second largest component of construction and demolition after concrete. Rubex International uses medium density fiber board (MDF) and particleboard, low-density fiberboard (LDF) in many of its products, such as reinforcing of bathtubs, polyester toilet seat covers, polyester tables, and bathroom cabinets. Wood Recycling Factory is one of the successful results of Rubex Research and Development Center where the suitable binding materials and other chemical additives were successfully tested and met the operating conditions of heat, pressure, and time.

Wood recycling factory was established in 2015. Rubex recycles wood waste through the crushing of wood from old and unused pallets, trees, packing boxes, and any other outside source. It is then transformed into wood particles and dust by means of a special crushing and grinding machines, where it is mixed with other chemical additives and put inside compression molds and exposed to heat and pressure until curing is complete. The wooden products are produced in different shapes and delivered to other factories such as the bathtubs factory, wood product factory, factory for polyester toilet seats, tables and bathroom cabinets.

The average production of the wood recycling factory is about 1,000 wooden pieces per day of different shapes and sizes, which is equivalent to 2 tons of wood particles and powder (approximate monthly consumption of wood particles and powder is 50 metric tons).

Development in wood recycling factory takes place through modifying the wooden product sizes and shapes that increase the accuracy and appropriateness of the final products. In addition, the development via changing the size of wood particles, recipes, binding resins, and catalyst can improve properties of the wooden products, reduce the cost, and overcome quality issues.  Fabricating the appropriate molds for these purposes are continuously done inside workshops and factories of Rubex International to fulfill the requirements of the requested factories or outside clients.