Plastic Recycling Factory

Establishment 2016

Plastic recycling and granulation Factory was established in 2016 to serve and support the plastic factory of Rubex International. The plastic Recycling Factory consists of plastic waste washing line and highly efficient plastic extrusion line (Twin Extruder Machine), large crushers, dryers, washbasins, and granulator. What distinguishes this plant from other competitors is the high production capacity, cleanliness, and purity of the finished product from any impurities that influences its quality and performance.

 Furthermore, this highly efficient extrusion line has ability to produce additives such as UV Master Batch, Color Master Batch and Plastic Compounds, such as Polypropylene with Fiberglass and Omiya (Polypropylene with Calcium Carbonate) and all types of Master Batches as Fire Retardant and Anti-Scratch.

The production capacity of Plastic Recycling Factory is 500 kg/hour that is equivalent to 3,000 tons per year. This Factory can process all plastic waste generated by the in-house rejections and the return wastes sent by the customers after a time to replace them with new products and also wastes from post-consumer waste traders.

The following materials can be recycled and granulated:

▪ Polyethylene (LD – LLD – HD)

▪ Polypropylene


▪ Polystyrene (GPPS – HIPS)

The production capacity of plastic recycling factory is 500 kg / hour, that is equivalent to 3,000 tons / year.