Plastic Tiles Factory

Establishment 2017

Established in 2017 to complete the requirements for the use of plastic boards, lumbers, and beams. Rubex produced plastic tiles from plastic waste hot pressing. There are many designs with different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. The tiles can be made out of different colors and coated with a transparent or colored glossy layers made from epoxy or polyurethane.

The main features of plastic tiles are:

Competitive pricing.

Easy to maintain and clean.

Higher durability and strength when compared to rubber tiles and terracotta.

Can be painted in beautiful and attractive colors and can have marble and wood finishes.

Can be installed and replaced easily.

Can be easily cut to give the desired design.

Varied in its dimensions and designs that makes it easier to use.

A glossy layer can be added to the surface to give it extra beauty.

If an epoxy layer is added, it can be paintable.

Plastic Tiles can be used in several applications as follows:

Can be installed in gardens and parks

Can be used in the walkway within clubs, schools and hospitals.

Can be installed in garages and animal stables.

Can be installed in parking areas.

Can be installed on the sidewalks of the streets, especially the coastal pavements.

Can be installed in warehouses and production shop floor if heavy transport equipment is not used.

Can be installed indoors and outdoors.

the current production capacity of the factory is 8000m2/month