Acrylic Factory

Establishment 1995

Rubex acrylic factory produces acrylic sheets with the highest of quality and characteristics according to Egyptian and international specifications. Acrylic sheets are produced by a cell casting process. The manufacturing process starts by injecting acrylic resin into a glass mold. The resin is then further polymerized in water basins and hot air ovens for an average of six hours that varies according to the thickness of the sheets. The acrylic sheets are produced with different sizes and thicknesses ranging from 2.8 mm to 15 mm. The sheets produced can be transparent, semitransparent, and colored. Bright and high gloss sheets are commonly used in advertising and decoration works. While white, opal, and black acrylic sheets are used in the manufacturing of acrylic bathtubs and sanitary ware.

The production engineers continusly work together with the company’s research and development center to improve the sheets’ properties. This workflow relies on optimizing the recipe of raw materials and the fine-tuning polymerization process.

With the recent expansion of the acrylic plant during the period from 2015 to 2019, the available production capacity has increased from 120 metric tons to 550 metric tons / month.