Electroplating Plating Factory

Establishment 2018

The electroplating factory was established in 2018 to cover the needs of the cabins factory mainly for the treatment of aluminum profiles and sections used in cabins. Other than the sparkle and luster, Electroplating plating gives aluminum components the required coating to withstand higher temperatures, resist friction, and rust.

The Electroplating factory can coat all metals, such as aluminum, copper and iron. However, its primary use is that of Aluminum profiles and sections with meeting the requirements of Rubex International.

Rubex Electroplating Factory is characterized by the highest raw materials used in nickel-chromium plating and the best formulations and chemicals that are primarily obtained from the domestic market along with aluminum sections and profiles. This is in accordance with the company’s strategy to manufacture products with advanced specifications and standards that provide the competitive edge.

Rubex Electroplating Factory includes 17 basins for chemicals in addition to several half wave electric chargers “TONGERS” with a capacity of 4,000 mA. At present, the production capacity is 2 tons / day of aluminum sections and profiles and it is planned to be increased to 3 tons/day by adding new units.

The electroplating process is being developed so that Rubex International can coat even the plastic products with nickel, chrome, and other alloys due to the increase in production and addition of other special stages.

Rubex International has extensive experience in electroplating products especially those manufactured from ABS or HIPS materials since its beginnings. However, the process line requires a larger electroplating line that accommodates the increased demand for products and work pieces made of metal or plastic.