Central Laboratory

Establishment 2016

Rubex Central Laboratory was established in 2016. It plays an important role in maintaining high levels of quality and performance where it is responsible for testing the raw materials and finished products of the company. It is also responsible for carrying out various research experiments that will develop Rubex products and ensure their compliance with international standard specifications. Developing new products and solutions to the problems facing production processes is another role of central lab.

The Central Lab at Rubex International has a wide variety of testing equipment, covering all mechanical, physical, thermal, and optical tests. The Research and Development Center is also in coordination with universities, institutes and research centers to cover various tests that require high-efficiency devices not available in Rubex or other neighbor factories. It is planned to complete the list of laboratory devices by buying a new lab. Devices during the year 2019 (GC – Liquid Color Meter – a laboratory ball milling machine and mixers of acrylic colors).

Central Laboratory can serve the factories in Borg El Arab through the following experiments:

• Test of mechanical properties of plastics (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Acrylic,

Polycarbonate – Polyamide / Nylon – Poly Styrene – PVC (Mechanical Properties)

Tensile Strength


Modulus of Elasticity

• Impact Strength Testing



• Density / Specific Gravity

• Ash Content

• Melt flow rate (MFI)

• VICAT Softening Temperature (VICAT)

• Heat Deflection Temperature for surface deformation (HDT)

During 2018, vacuum system was added to the laboratory to remove the air and bubbles from liquid samples used in the experiments. Moreover, a Reactor was brought to central lab to simulate the recycling plant of acrylic residues for different experiments on Acrylic monomer (MMA). In addition, there are many reactors to produce resins and new polymers in central lab via different innovative processes where experiments are conducted on them for research and development. Central Laboratory contributes significantly to the development of the company, in which it is responsible for all chemical research and scientific experiments besides the important role it plays to maintain the quality of products through tests and regular inspections.