Research and Development Center

Establishment 2014

In light of the rapid development of technology and its positive impact on raising the efficiency and rates of production, it is necessary to continue to focus on research and development. In 2013, the Rubex Research and Development Center was established. In order to ensure its continuity in a competitive environment it is natural for Rubex International to raise the slogan “Innovate today to excel tomorrow”.

Research and development objectives are the following:

Review and revise the available technologies

Increase the efficiency of production processes

Improve the existing products and product innovation,

Create new operations and services to confront competition

The research and development activities reflect the desire of Rubex International to invest in the future. Rubex now invests 2.5% of its budget. The company has always sought to increase the funding of the Rubex Research and Development Center to create and develop innovative solutions that enhance its ability to accomplish its vision and strategic objectives. Rubex International has made innovation as one of the most key competitive performance indicators for growth and survival in the market. Rubex R & D Center has become the main driver of this innovation.

The development initiatives at Rubex International reached more than 65 initiatives until 2018 on four divisions:

1. Chemical Division:

• The development of mixtures of raw materials of the plastic factory in order to increase quality and improve performance

• Improve properties and specifications of formulations and recipes of acrylic sheet materials to compete with European products.

• Synthesis of new polymers from new ingredients to be industrially and commercially produced in Rubex International.

•  Produce enhanced additive materials used with plastic, acrylic and polyester blends to improve quality and performance.

• Prepare for new industrial projects, including the development of optimized mixtures for the production of Solid Surface products.

2. Electromechanical Division

• Development of plastic machinery programs.

• Development of electromechanical techniques for the new production line of casting acrylic factory by designing new mechanical systems for reactors and operation lines.

• Development of Bathtubs Factory with the creation of new innovative ideas for the existing vacuum forming machines.

• Production and development of JUBEX series vacuum forming machines with new capabilities, features, and designs exceeding the characteristics of the latest German and Italian systems.

• Preparation of a project to establish an industrial robot production line in cooperation with the Japanese University.

• Work on establishing a new line to produce hard sides travel suitcase and luggage under the brand DIMA.

• Carry out design and production of electric vehicle charging units.

3. Renewable Energy Division

• Initiate the installation of the largest solar power plant on the roofs of the production buildings in the Middle East and Africa by Rubex Installation Team.

• Initiate the project to produce hydrogen fuel cells to construct Eco-friendly electricity generation.

4. Waste Recycling Division

Primary Recycling

Create new ways to recycle industrial waste (in-house waste).

Create new ways for recycling wood waste and produce components that can enter company’s products.

Using rubber powder in different applications.

Prepare all technical and feasibility study of glass recycling project.

Secondary Recycling

Recycling of post consumed plastic waste (municipal waste – waste from plastic recycling operations).

Use of GRP residues from the waste of bathtubs and utilize them in the manufacture of some of Rubex International products.

Tertiary Recycling

Chemical recycling of acrylic waste via thermal cracking (pyrolysis) to get RMMA (Regenerated Methyl Methacrylate).

Design and develop a new automatic controlled Acrylic Reactor for the company to improve the quality and amount of MMA syrup.