Bathtubs Factory

Establishment 1989

The bathtub factory was established in 1989. Production of bathtubs uses Rubex acrylic sheets that are shaped by a vacuum forming process. The vacuum forming machines (Italian, British, and German origin) use aluminum molds that are manufactured at Rubex Molds Factory. In addition, the bathtubs are reinforced by the best formulation of GRP composites (polyester, fiberglass, and other additives).

The factory produces different bathtubs sizes and shapes from shower tray to Jacuzzi as well as bathtub sides with a wide range colors. Rubex bathtubs are known for their high quality and outstanding performance that are outclasses those of the competitors.

The present production capacity is 25,000 bathtubs monthly, this was an achievement garnered by the Rubex development efforts in the last few years. The previous capacity was 10,000 bathtubs monthly. The advantage of having the upstream acrylic sheets factory and the downstream bathtub factory under one umbrella is to be able to constantly improve the quality of the final products from both ends of the process.

Rubex has recently achieved success in manufacturing its first vacuum forming machine. The new model was branded “JUBEX” which was characterized by innovative mechanisms that enabled it to produce a bathtub in less than four minutes. This new JUBEX model was presented in global markets and many machines have already been sold. Rubex is seeking to attain the patent for this innovative model 2019.