Plastic Factory

Establishment 1987

Rubex plastic factory has 21 modernized high-capacity injection molding machines (ranging from 400 tons to 2500 tons capacities). The largest are two high clamping injection molding machines capable of 2500 tons that are used to inject large products that weigh at least 20 kg. The annual production capacity for the plastic factory is 10,000 metric tons. Products can be composed of various materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, polystyrene, ABS and others. Rubex also has the unique capability for producing clear polycarbonate products like transparent chairs, automotive parts, appliances’ components and electrical parts.

Our latest varieties of Rubitan products are designed for gardens, clubs, hotels and parks use. The Rubitan line is characterized with a great similarity to the natural Rattan weave. However, the advantage of the plastic modularity provides a lighter material while allowance for the easy replacement of damaged or broken parts. Besides garden furniture, there are products used on beaches, resorts, and coastal villages. Most notably are the chaise longue, beach chair, as well as stadium chair that all exhibit resistance to ignition.

In addition, Rubex manufactures products for other industries such as auto assembly, batteries and plastic components for air conditioners and household appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, fans and plastic components for sports, electronic, medical and electrical devices.

Rubex plastic factory also produces a variety of industrial plastic pallets of various sizes with high quality and performance. These pallets are made of virgin polyethylene and polypropylene; they can be specified to be with or without supporting metal bars. As an added option, using a welding machine, plastic pallets can be welded together to provide additional support. Extensive quality testing by our quality department and by outside third parties are performed to ensure that our pallets are meeting all international testing standards. We conduct a multitude of standardized failure analysis tests such as static, dynamic, racking and drop tests.