Polyester Products Factory

Establishment 1987

Rubex Factory of Toilet Seat Covers, Tables, and Bathroom Cabinets was established in 1987. This factory is considered as one of the unique factories in Egypt and can manufacture many products made of polyester and gelcoat materials.

The factory has multiple casting tables, sandblasting, and grinding machines. There are also drilling machines and polishing machines. In addition, there is a mixing department, assembly section, and a mold fabrication department. All functions are operated and looked after by a highly experienced technical staff.

This factory is characterized by the ease of its stages and unique ability to produce any product whatever its design. Especially the capability of manufacturing any silicon or glass fiber molds.

The production capacity of each product in the factory is as follows:

5,000 /month Polyester Toilet Seat Covers

1,500/month Polyester tables

600/ month Polyester Bathroom Cabinets