Shower Cabins Factory

Establishment 2014

Rubex has not produced shower cabins until 2014. The Rubex shower cabins factory produces cabins for bathtubs, trays and Jacuzzis. Shower cabins consists of clear transparent and tempered glass sheets with thickness 5 mm or 10 mm with supported by aluminum profiles. Cabins also be made from transparent acrylic sheets or transparent polystyrene with thickness 3 mm and PVC profiles. All of these components are made by Rubex in cooperation with its sister companies or other suppliers. The aluminum profiles are electroplated in the Rubex nickel electroplating plant. This clearly demonstrates the strength of the horizontal integration in Rubex. The production capacity of the cabins factory is 600 cabins per day, and about 15,000 cabins per month. Rubex has the capability to produce all kinds and designs of shower cabins with different glass sheet thicknesses.

In addition to producing standard cabin sizes, the shower cabins factory can produce customized sizes according to customer request by our skilled technicians who take the measurements of the required sizes as well as installing the cabins in a professional and safe manner.

The development portfolio of the cabins encompasses the use of new accessories, higher quality fixtures, sand blasting of glass or acrylic sheets, and printing designs on glass and acrylic.

To support the industrialization of our country and to fight the unemployment, Rubex helps the small and medium producers to manufacture accessories required for the cabins in Egypt instead of importing them.

This clearly demonstrates the strength of the horizontion in rubex .the Poroductity capacity of the cadins factory is 600 cadins per day, and adout 15000 cadins per month  . rubex has the capadility to peoduce all kinds and designs of shower cabins with different glass sheet thicknesses .