Wood Products Factory

Establishment 1987

This factory is specialized in all wooden works serving sanitary furniture, polyester tables, polyester cabinets used in bathrooms as well as wooden kitchen parts and units. It also produces special wooden pallets that load and store acrylic sheets, some plastic products, toilet plastic covers, and the product packaging for local and export distribution.

The month production capacity of the wooden products factory is currently at.

650 units of wooden pallets of various sizes , serving acrylic, plastic and bathtubs.

500 units of packing boxes serving the glass factory, cabins, electroplating .

1000 operating units are involved in the manufacture of toilet seat covers and bathroom units made of polyester.

6000 pieces supporting bath tub factory

5 wooden molds serving the solid surface Factory.

 In addition to supporting the bathtub factory with wooden slabs and cuttings, it also produces wooden molds for the solid surface plant. Wood Products Factory can manufacture the following products for outside customers:

Recycled industrial wood boards and lumbers

Solid surface molds

Pattern and forms for molds

Office and living room furniture

Wooden pallets for factories

Polyester toilet covers

Supplies of polyester bathroom cabinets

Supplies of polyester kitchen units