Master Batche Factory

Establishment 2017

Founded in 2017 as Rubex International adopted a backward integration strategy to improve quality and cost control that can bring significant benefits to its products in terms of both quality and prices that ultimately benefit Rubex clients.

Rubex has used its expertise, machinery, testing methodology and testing equipment to set up a plant to produce color concentrates (color master Batches).

Color master batches are created with the use of organic and inorganic pigments, mainly white, black, and other colors. Rubex color master batches contain pigments at high concentrations, mixed with suitable carriers, based on the final product’s characteristics of the customer. The pigments are usually loaded on polyethylene resin but they can also be loaded onto polypropylene or polystyrene as requested by the customer until they are compatible to avoid negative impacts on the optical, thermal, and mechanical properties.

The Master Batch Factory also produces special additives for plastics such as UV absorbers (UV Absorber / UV Stabilizer, HALS) as well as anti-scratch and fire retardant additives.

In addition, Rubex manufactures plastic compounds, which are used in many industries such as polypropylene with fiberglass, propylene/polyethylene with calcium carbonate, kaolin, talc, silicate or barite, as well as polypropylene with wood powder.

Master batches are supplied in the form of granules in woven bags weighing 25 kg.

The production capacity of the Master Batch factory is about 55 tons per month of both master batches and compound.