UPVC profile factory

Establishment 2019

In accordance with the plan set dy the Board of Directors in 2015.The factory is using the best modern machines and a team of engineers, technicians and workers at the highest level of specialization and experience in all stages of production. Puvc profile factory promises a strong   competition with the current suppliers and manufacturers of UPVC profiles . since ram materials play an influential and sensitive role in the quality of UPVC profiles . Rubex International has spared no effort in choosing the premium and best quality raw materials (UPVC resin , shock enhancers , welding efficiency , thermal stabilizers reinforcement agents , color  concentrates and other additives such as UV) Which are  imported from , Belgian and Turkish companies.

Rubex UPVC profiles aer characterized by diversity in shape, size and system The design has taken into account the multiplicity of rooms in the profiles from 3 to 5 main rooms and external thickness of the profile up to 3 mm, according to German specifications . this design works to provide sound proof and heat insulation and increase the torque of the profile as well. This design also gives the profile avery high welding strength according to din 716/1 and resist bending or arching at high spans . profiles can withstand air pressure in high floors and are never affected dy heat up to 80°c .the uvc profile is produced under high pressures and temperatures , allowing no protusions or distortions to occur during production.

Characteristics of rubex upvc profiles.

High air resistance.

High chemical resistance.

High thermal resistance.

High biological resistance.

High performance colors.

Fire resistance.

High sealing.

Sound proofing.

No air / dust infiltration.

Lead free.

The production capacity of the UPVC profile factory is 2,400 tons / year (60,000 units / year) It is worth mentioning that Rubex international has certificates of accreditation for the UPVC profiles from test and technological centers and institutes in Egypt .