Solid Surface Factory

Establishment 2014

The Industrial Marble Factory (Solid Surface) was established in 2014. Solid surface is an interior design material for finishes, decoration, and furniture. Products are used as substitutes for marble in kitchen units, bathrooms, dining tables and kitchen parts, as well as in sanitary works such as special design of basin, bathtub and in different decorative works.

Solid surface material is composed of acrylic or polyester, aluminum powder, and other chemical additives. The solid surface material is highly formable, exhibits hardness, and most importantly resists corrosion, moisture, UV, and fire. For household applications, solid surface’s easy cleaning makes it attractive and viable line of products.

The solid surface factory has high performance and effective machines such as a CNC three-axis machine, precision saw, laser machine, molding ovens, and integrated software to implement various CAD designs at the highest level.

The production capacity of the factory is currently about 600 units / month of sinks, bathroom bathtubs,  kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, and laboratories (counter tops) And The company is also preparing to establish a new line that brings the company’s production to 1,300 units per month.